Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Questionnaire and feedback to Mr.Earls feedback

After I sat at friday the whole day on the editing of the rough cut I rendered it out had some problems with the render setups but I fixed it and after I uploaded it on Vimeo and post it on my Blog I became quite soon afterwards Mr. Earls critic and  read through it... of course I can understand what he is trying to achieve. To motivate us to make it better and better so I try to answer some questions he had as he gave us the critic.
1:The first scene is a little odd    --> We tried to get this freaky "scary movie"," Shaun of the dead" style thing. So pointless actions but you need to see the full film to understand whats actually going on. Cant explain it now really good.
2. Is the 2s black at 0:30 one of the points where footage has vanished? --> nope, thats just bad edit but here again I'm gonna fix it (or Charlotte)
3. I would suggest treating the footage to make it a little more filmic (i.e. using the cineon converter, for example) --> I'm not sure if I understood it right but as I said in my other post see ( I use after effects to get the film look
4. The footage is VERY shaky - is this deliberate?  --> its basicly our Idea we had at the beginning to make it shaky so we have this realistic effect that when the audience is watching the film they imagine to be IN THE SCENE and watching the whole situation. I know that it can ruin the effect badly if its too shaky but its really not THAAT shaky that you cant focus on a point in my opinion, 
5.Is there a reason for switching from hand-held to tripod-mounted? -->   We did not think about that but I guess it would be definetly better if it would be a bit shaky there as well... well I might just make a digital shake so we dont need to reshoot everythink. 
Thank you again for the detailed feedback which gave us some stuff to do for the future and I hope everything is going to work til the deadline... lets hope !

So here we go with the questionnaire: 
would you watch a film which is about a city which got attacked by a hostile country whereas nearly everyone got infected with a virus which changes the DNA sequence of humans and turn them into a "Zombie" but 2 siblings who lost their adoptive parent try to survive and kill as many Zombies to just stay allive. The adventure of their life has started. 

We asked 8 people if they would watch that film and pay money to watch it in the cinema...

We found out that 6 would definetly watch it one of them would watch it online for free (stream) and one person would'nt watch it. 

We asked why...

the main reasons:   
1. We are the actors
2. Sounds like fun and the last good film like ours is years old .
3. nice story 

We asked what else they would like to see:

They said a lot of funny events and stuff that entertains them. They want to see some "glory moments" where they get touched (emotional parts) but I think they were just jokeing at that point. And what all of them said that the effects must be good and not cheap like a lot of films. 

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  1. 1. I suppose I can understand what you are trying to achieve here; I think it needs to be edited more slickly in order for the gag to work. It seems to be missing a punchline - maybe it's how you've edited it?

    2. Okay.

    3. In that case, I don't think you've quite created the effect you intended. It still looks quite dv-ish. Cineon converter is an effect on Premiere which allows you to slightly desaturate and ramp the contrast to create a more filmic look.

    4. My main concern is that, as it is, it doesn't really look slick enough for me to place you in level 4. The camera-work does not really look edgy or place you in the scene; it just looks like it was poorly shot. If you watch "found footage" movies, this is deliberate and clearly signposted as being shot in situ (ie by someone with a dv camera). "Shakey" footage is usually more well framed than the material you have produced. It simply doesn't work as you intend it to and I think alienates the audience more than if you had simply placed the camera on a tripod.

    5. I would suggest that you would be better advised to try and minimise the shake on the external footage.