Sunday, 19 February 2012

New start !

After the feedback of Mr. Earl we decided to reshoot the WHOLE film because of the wrong filming attitude at the start and just the wrong technique we used. We know that we have from now on nearly one month time to make the film which we are going to use with filming, filming, filming and editing of course ! Charlotte and I changed the story so we dont need loads of zombies and we will shoot now on with my new canon 550D. I know we have now an adventage against the others because of the better Equipment but I think its just fair if everyone uses everything they have to make the film as good as possible like Katy with her DIY steadycam. the main Idea of the intro should look like this:

The main Idea is that we put the credits on the walls and doors so it looks like grafity but as you noticed its still not edited and just the footage and we realised that its too shaky and we cant make the footage less shaky ... unless we get a car, which we have (my mum's) so we can use it as a tracking shoot and its hopefully not that shaky as if a person would hold it with the hands. You ask why that much work for that ? The answer is easy ! The most important part is the opening apart from that, the shots and all the camera movements and the edit of course therefore an opening like that should be perfect because it contains a long shot, tracking shot, editing elements, story and its originally. By the way we tried to get the permission of a super market to film a scene but without success eventhough the neighbour of charlotte worked in the shop ... but thats not important ! The essential thing is that we have our main part of the intro soon and we have time so wish us luck and hopefully we are finnsihed completely til the 25.02 !!!

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