Monday, 24 October 2011

Film without Intro, music, voices !

Its just for Sean and charlotte to see how it looks. i will post later the whole "real" Film with a lot of comments and this stuff.

Untitled from Amir Yahai on Vimeo.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Incredible 4th time of filming !

OMG of some reasons we could not find our Footages soo ..... we began again. heey !
So really good prepared we start again with filming, but this time we use profesionelle Costumes, Make up and so. The Mise-en-scene is now !!! PERFECT !!!
I watched even some clips on youtube how to make really good movies, I read articles in the internet to improve my knowledge. For example this Website helped me good but there are a lot other. Fortunately I have made some movies with my friends in germany and so I have some experience but with this "special experience" we should be able to make our Scene better than the other attempts.

Well, we dont want to change anythink in the script Mr. Earl gave us but we want to change the way we act... like my reactions on Seans answer or HOW he answer and how I look to him. We use some blood effects and blood make up for a part where he punch me because I spit him in the face ( sounds confusing I know).

The most difficult think but was how we set up the camera and where do we put the camera and what kind of movement shall we use. We get some problems with the tripod as well because it NEVER MATCHES TO THE CAMERA !! It was soooo annoying. But after a loooooooot of time we get it :) A really difficult part to was to bite back the laugh in the individual clips. I dont know why but I was a much more serious the first 3 times but this time I laughed the WHOLE time, maybe because we dont take it to serious any more after all these fails. Or maybe we were happy and unconcentrated... I dont know but what I know is that I will concentrate me more than the next time, because ... we have a lot to do ! In a short time

Friday, 14 October 2011

New Week, new Project !!!

I was not able to post anythink in the last week because my internet ehm... did not work really. So now its fixed again and my Blog is alive again. Right, as you can read in the Title we started a new project and we get a special script from Mr. Earl which we were allowed to prepare but not to much. Actually its a good Idea if we get a first support for our later movies. But I think our next project should be an individual projects, means that we can decide WHAT we wanna make e.g. a horror or       gangster move or so. This than needs more creativity and time which we or more I dont have but in a long term it would be possible. Nevertheless Charlotte, Sean and me dont really planed the project because we want to see if it works without any BIIIG organization.... which later showed that its a fail. Further more after we were finished with everythink Sean deleted everythink by having the footages formated :(((. So we started the next day again with "more" Experience ! Motivated we started to film in the theater stage the interrogation, where Sean is the i say "kidnapper" and I am the hmm victim :) Charlotte was our "camerafairy". well, it started actually good but after some shots me and Sean had some arguments about the following shots because I had more the Idea of a fast changing camera shots clip and he more like one shot for 20 sec of the clip. But we agreed after a long I call it fight and the result was not bad. But at the next somethink unexpecting happened. MR EARL DELETED OUR FOOTAGES !!! (I hope you read this Mr. Earl) :) . So went the third or forth I dont know its so usual now... but unmotivated this time we started everythink again and filmed today a short part of the clip. But today I get some great Ideas how i can use some awesome after effects effects for the scene. For example we want to use some security camera shots :  
from a high angle . It should look awesome. We have a number of effects we use. But you will see it.

We have also planed to use some Diegestic Sounds from the internet. The Website is a really nice and helpfull Site. For free we get the best sounds we need with top quality... example for this are raining sounds :       So we have a range of top Sound FX which are going to make our Film a little bit better.

Saturday, 1 October 2011