Friday, 30 September 2011

First short Clip of the movie

Its only a part of it and without the final music we want to use (I add this song to the clip because it looks cooler with music :D  )  ok I try to explain you the movie ... short. In the movie Im a robot which "mission" it is to kill a special person. And its like a hunt game. The whole film my character tries to catch the person in different places  (forest, amusement park, restaurant, city , .... )
I hope you enjoy it ! And this is not a trailer or so.

Music:  Linkin Park  -  Given up

New movie is coming out soon !

A Youtube group called Schizophrenic beats and I have made recently (2 Months ago) a movie called "Kill Bill(y)" and it will be released at the 10. 10.2011. Its going to be a deciding video where the Audience can decide what happens at next :) ... A link to this Group is under this text. They are famous for there Music and beats.