Monday, 5 December 2011

Possible Intro and SACstudio logo which is'nt called Sacstudio ?!?!

Well, Charlotte, Sean and me have decided to change the name from our group from SACstudios to "Hadouken Studios" :'(    R.I.P.  SACstudios... But I'm quiet happy with our new name, it is uhm strong !

I made an intro as well. It's just an reallllly bad attempt which I tried and I hope you like it but I really just done it in like 5 to ten minutes so do'nt be to hard if you rate it  :D  Of course I put the ORIGINAL Voice of Ryu from street fighter into the intro. So enough talk watch it and tell me what you thing !

Friday, 2 December 2011

Decision of Film genre !!!

The time has come.... THE FINAL PROJECT !  

Sean, Charlotte and me are gonna work togehther again to make our final project. I thought a lot if I should do it by my own again or with them because with them I do not have the freedom of choice I actually need but I decided to work with them because I'm sure we are a good team and we can do it really well in addition we have prepred some nice things soon which are going to be awesome.

We thought about making either a horror or Gangster-Action movie because we thing these would be the best genres for us as we have lots of experience in this specific genres and we have some nice Ideas how we could create the right atmosphere and mood for the audience. I even thought about buying scar wax which is used in high quality movies for wounds or zombie faces... in our case I could use it in both. For the Zombie movie if I want to make a scary face and in the gangster movie for pistole wounds or generel wounds and scarfs. A link to the product: -->

However, I started thinking about the intro very carefully because thats the most important part and I thought about an Intro WHILE the film is going on without a black screen with names on. I want to make it on Zombie-land style -->
So a 3-D text which appears and which has got the same movement as the camera in the film and does not just stand there really unprofessionel. To show you what I mean I made extra this effect fast with after effects camera tracker which tracks the pixels in a specific clip and then you can put everything in it and it will use this tracked movement ... sounds confusing I know but I hope you get more from the vid !

Well, as you can see I made it realllly fast and our clip has got such a bad quality that it was nearly impossible to track the pixels. But I made it but it changed the result intense. That would be ONE of my Ideas for the intro.

We want to look at the represenatations and stereotypes a lot as well because we learned that really good in Ms. Patternson's lessons and we are sure we can fill some points of representaion. I mean we have a bunch of actors which are ready for their deployment. We just hope that we find no problems with the time and with the crew and all that... so much can went wrong and it is just incredible hard to publish the film that you are thinking about because your film never will look like that you have got in your head.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Analysis of "Kiss kiss bang bang"

In the following I'm going to analyse the intro of "kiss kiss bang bang" a Film which get produced in 2005 by Joel Silver. This whole Intro tells us a interesting story while it's showing the credits and this story goes on and on without any kind of cuts just this overflows of pictures.

The Intro starts complete black until the warner bros icon appears and suddenly lights of a house turn on and in a pan movement of the camera we can see that its a bad area, like a prison or ghetto or something. This represents  crime and voilents. The Non-diegetic music fits to the footage perfect as we fast change from the bad area to a large fence which signifiers captivity. A man is obiously trying to escape from the bad area to the other side. That the man is shown black in the intro represents that he must be bad or agressive because that is the representation of black.

After he escaped woman eyes appear which confuses me and I've got no Idea what this means but the man flees into a house looks like this buildings in hollywood. After that red flowers obscure the view of the man and the actual name of the film appears via a pistole shot which connotes danger, so its fit to his genre which is crime because of the bullets.

It reminds me really hard on the spiderman 2 intro because of the overflows and of james Bond becuase of the style they used to make the intro and the kind of genre is nearly the same. Whats included in good and high quality crimes ? Weapons, Violent, Woman, young people and lots of fight scenes.( I will link later my further analysis to these points). The intro shows us all of these where we see after the name of the film a young attractive woman with a pistole in her hand. After some fast shots we change our view from the woman with the weapon to a pistole in a close up which shots flowers and then the camera follows the flowers in a tilt. Quite confusing but I thing they used this because they started with flowers ( 0:16 ) and they want to finnish it with the flowers again which we can see after all the flowers grew up we can have a look on a mansion where a party is going on. After that establishing shot we can see the inside of the house and the party and we can see all that rich people in their suits and the color of the background is bright where as the color of the part where the woman is hustled from the balcony to black which connotes again danger. The music changes as well as the color changes from these standard and normal speed music to a silent and mysterious ambient music.

After that she falls again a use of a pan. As she lands the audience have time to see some credits and suddenly she disappears and  a bridge is in our point of view. We are for a short time in the city and after a bus drives across the screen pages and pages of letter are view which should I thing just show that this film has some secrets which the audience cant understand. Later  ( 1:25 ) we see a red screen with blood, 2 bullet holes and a kiss mark. At this point I want to remind you at that what I said at the beginning that the film probably contains Weapons, Violent, Woman, young people and lots of fight scenes. early all of this points were shown at this single frame which gives the watcher the ultimate feeling of a crime. At now all the remaining footage is in a red background which signifiers dead and danger and in a black foreground. We see some books... again secrets like the letters. And at the very end just a black background with the name of the director.

I think the creators used this kind of "just two color effects" to show the audience fast what they going to watch but without to confuse them, so they just shown them 2-D pictures and not really pictures. I thing its a good idea and its really effective too because it prepares the watcher of the following "really Film" and makes him excited to find out more after all that what we saw. I personally would like to watch that Film because the intro is really auspicious and I'm now really excited too because I want to see what happens next.

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Catch me if you can Film

here is a film which I made with my friends in germany like 6 months ago. Of course its technicly horrible because we had no experience and knowledge so dont look at the camera angles and action match and all that stuff. Its an interactive video so at the end of all the individual clips you can decide how the film is going on.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Directors comment, Storyboard, evaluation and fun :)

hello media community !
After I finnished my film "deception" I took a longer break to get new Ideas and shots for my next hopefully good film. But I prepared just for you a directors comment with comments from the director ! (me) 
I made the recording with a program o my computer... no idea how it works but I made it to film the clip WITH my voice !!! Nevertheless I hope you enjoy it and understand hopefully my Visions and Ideas.

ok, as you can see in the picture of the storyboard I planned everything tricky where I thought " ouu I must do some plannings for it to realise this special shots." And this special shots were the ground level shot of my foot ( on the side you can read how long each shot should be. Then the door open shot where the key-point was to look at the Action match , the low shot of the Dealer who is going to try to kill me ( verrrrry bad drawing I know  ^.^ ). And at last but not least the horrible tracking shot, where I at first planned to make the titel in 3-D like in this picture but I thought it is just tooo much for a short film like this. i'll save all my hard core special effects for .... THE FINAL PROJECT !

Lets have a talk about the EVALUATION:
As I planned everything I actually did not think to much about all that stuff but more on shots, edit, action match and the task. Just a little bit on representation.

So, first I would like to talk about the group/audience which would get my media product. Obviously the most popular genre on the market is currently the action, horror, comedy and drama genre. So with my product I try to get of couse as many people as possible and so I decided to make an action film with some comedy elements in it and some horr(ible) handheld shots. I concentrated me almost on the entertainment part and confusment because I like this as well so other people should like this also. I do not want that people just see the same all the the time I wanted to make the film not unrealistic but I wanted to "cheat" the realism e.g. the part where my phone explodes in my pocket. A normal man would die on ball destruction but in the film Rogger just felt on the ground and immidiatly stands up again. This is cheating of realism and I think the audience would except this realism mistake because it's pupose is it to be funny. So to sumarise it my film is more for the older age-group which gets the jokes and there are some violent parts which are not for children eyes :)

The way in which I attract my audience would be to make enough advertisment and like find people who make the same genre style like me and I would offer them to stick together and make advertisment for each other so that we get in total more viewers of our product then if we would do this by our own. If I would make a really really big film with a budget of for example 2000 pounds I would do more than just stick together with other film-makers. I would make advertisment on youtube and other sites where people would go. I would distribute papers from my movie in cities or certain areas where I know that people are interested in my movie. Furthermore I would tell my friends to tell other people to share my film. There are many opportunities to make advertisment for a media product but HOW you advertis is I thing the key-thing.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Deception -- Full Movie

The time has come ... Decpetion is out and its time for my describtion :)

This Project taught me a lot .... Experinece,  Knowledge,  technique   and   of  course new skills. 
As I started the project " continuity " I was hyper-motivated because soo  many Ideas were in my head. ( see : Amir's super mega fun Blog: Film nearly finnished ....: )  Well, I expected a lot particulary about editing and camera work. But to my surprise the mise-on-scene and Sound went better then I thought. The whole Film was a challenge because of the time-organisation and actor arrangement and the equipment list I needed for the Film and all that stuff. But fortunatly everything went good for me maybe because I worked this time alone. I mean If you are the writer, editor, actor and producer then you have 1000 % control about anyone and everything in your Film. The last Film experience with " the prisoner " was AWESOME as well but this time it was another ... hmm another genre I say. It was like everything is in your hands. The responsebility ... everything. It's not like you do that I do that she does that ... NO NO it is like you do everything and this was the main challenge but with I had time to organise everything and I made some researche about my Film looked on some tutorials in the web  ( for example) and so I was ready for all that.

This was just my first Impression about my Film. I will later do the Evaluation and I will do a Directors Commentary.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Film nearly finnished ....

DECEPTION is nearly finnished ! I took in the weekend 2 days to edit the footages. On Friday I cut the footage and made the intro for the movie with bonjou ( another editing programm). However, it was maaaad because I tried to make the framing p e r f e c t. Unfortunatly cutting is not my thing and I needed the whole day for just the cutting and at the end It was nearly 10 pm. But I wanted to finnish the intro as well so I worked til 2 am. But it benefited. After 4 hours work on the Intro I had 5 sec of intro ...

After I finnished working day 1 I started at the next day with theee special effects, Color correction, Sound and some other things. I noticed that I filmed on the wrong side I should film so I broke the continuity. I was totally frustrated and cried some hours but then I found a way to SOLVE THE PROOOBLEM !!!! I just flipped the footage and automaticly the 180 degree rule was right again. Furthermore I had some problems with the quality because on a strange way the qualy was in some clips better then in other ones. But here I really did not know how to solve the probleme, so I just leave it so as it was. Maybe because I unfortunatly forget to change the resolution of the cam or so. Anyway I searched about 40 min in my " epic-beautiful-music library for the RIGHT music I need for the clip. Like I described in the last postings I got some nice soundtracks, themes and intro music from my friend.

So after 40 min I found the perfect music which actually really fits to the Film and of course I took it. Well, next step... Speial effects. I have got a plug-in for after effects called "action essentials" where are about 200 special effects like explosions, bolts, Muzzle flashes and such action things.

Well, I just now need to add the voices of Rogger and Mr. Y to finnish the Film. Reece took some time and we recoreded his voice so I can add it to the Film. He has made a good job either as a actor and a voice-giver or so. Thanks really much to Charlotte for her time and help with filming and support. And of course to Katie as a camerawoman and for borrowing me the stedi cam and to Barry for his presence :)

Friday, 11 November 2011

Problems while filming ! ( Film day 2 )

First a BIG THANKS to Barry, Katie and Reece that they helped me out today with filming for my second part.
Yesterday I filmed the stuff outside and today I filmed it inside the house. I hope that I did not make a mistake in the Action match because I filmed 2 days ... So for the filming day today I actually needed a knife or something in this way but it was not allowed so we took a metal pole which replaced the knife and we started to film. I had some "visions" of some shots but some of them were unfortunately reallly reallly hard to make --->
Accidentally I pressed the rec button and as you can see we had few probs with camera shots :D

But after a fight with a table and some chairs we got it.

A really big problem for me was the grammer in my sentences I made as well because it is just strange if you say something in your movie and the text is gramaticly incorrect. But Reece improved them for me and then was the TIME a biig factor which made my life harder because 1 hour went faster as you thing and so I could not make my REAL visions come true . But the result was amazing for just 40 min !!!  I thing I'm until tomorrow finnish with the whole movie because editing is my favourite part in film making and my friend in germany bought some film soundtracks and sent me some of them for my  movie ( a link to the product --> )

Thursday, 10 November 2011


As you can read in the Titel the name of my project film will be " Deception ". Later I will describe how I came on this Name... and it has nothing to do with the Film "Inception" !
Charlotte, Sean and me have decided that we make the next project individual and so we can show our own skills we learned until now. Well, after Mr. Earl gave us the continuity task I started at home with the storyboard, script and mise-en-scene. The continuity task says that we need to include:
- 180° RULE
After he showed us some clips how to do all of these shots and told us how we can use them I started with ... scripting ! My Film is going to be a mix of the Action genre and comedy. Comaction or so. However, I took Rush hour
as a role model for my film and I would say its like 20 % comeddy and 80% action, Thriller.
For me the most most important thing is the detail and effect of the pictures the audience see... I dont want to show them some random stuff I filmed I want to entertain and confuse them at the same time. It's going to be hard but i thing I#m prepared with the stuff mr. Earl and miss Patterson teach us.

Now i will tell you some parts of my film. The Intro should start with an earth level shot so that the cam is on the height of gras. Should look like this -->
If its sunny I will add some awesome optical flares (lens flares)
So after few seconds a HUGEE Shoe will apear ( my shoe ) and the camera spins up to my body and then the movie begins.

Because I walk a lot with the camera I thought and searched a g e s how to avoid this **** shaking with the camera and I finally found this :  Its a website which tell you the holy 6 secrets about " reducing camera shakes"  !!!!
Its really good and if I could I would buy a kit ( like Katie) but the time is against me and so I must do it with the tips from the website. Anyway, My Film will be about Rogger who made a deal with Mr. Y and now he wants his money and the both made a meeting point where Mr. Y gives Rogger his money ... I try to make this confusing effect where I dont tell the audience whats going on and who is Rogger actually and why does he get money ? But at the end everything gets clear and the audience will be (hopefully) suprised :)

Monday, 24 October 2011

Film without Intro, music, voices !

Its just for Sean and charlotte to see how it looks. i will post later the whole "real" Film with a lot of comments and this stuff.

Untitled from Amir Yahai on Vimeo.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Incredible 4th time of filming !

OMG of some reasons we could not find our Footages soo ..... we began again. heey !
So really good prepared we start again with filming, but this time we use profesionelle Costumes, Make up and so. The Mise-en-scene is now !!! PERFECT !!!
I watched even some clips on youtube how to make really good movies, I read articles in the internet to improve my knowledge. For example this Website helped me good but there are a lot other. Fortunately I have made some movies with my friends in germany and so I have some experience but with this "special experience" we should be able to make our Scene better than the other attempts.

Well, we dont want to change anythink in the script Mr. Earl gave us but we want to change the way we act... like my reactions on Seans answer or HOW he answer and how I look to him. We use some blood effects and blood make up for a part where he punch me because I spit him in the face ( sounds confusing I know).

The most difficult think but was how we set up the camera and where do we put the camera and what kind of movement shall we use. We get some problems with the tripod as well because it NEVER MATCHES TO THE CAMERA !! It was soooo annoying. But after a loooooooot of time we get it :) A really difficult part to was to bite back the laugh in the individual clips. I dont know why but I was a much more serious the first 3 times but this time I laughed the WHOLE time, maybe because we dont take it to serious any more after all these fails. Or maybe we were happy and unconcentrated... I dont know but what I know is that I will concentrate me more than the next time, because ... we have a lot to do ! In a short time

Friday, 14 October 2011

New Week, new Project !!!

I was not able to post anythink in the last week because my internet ehm... did not work really. So now its fixed again and my Blog is alive again. Right, as you can read in the Title we started a new project and we get a special script from Mr. Earl which we were allowed to prepare but not to much. Actually its a good Idea if we get a first support for our later movies. But I think our next project should be an individual projects, means that we can decide WHAT we wanna make e.g. a horror or       gangster move or so. This than needs more creativity and time which we or more I dont have but in a long term it would be possible. Nevertheless Charlotte, Sean and me dont really planed the project because we want to see if it works without any BIIIG organization.... which later showed that its a fail. Further more after we were finished with everythink Sean deleted everythink by having the footages formated :(((. So we started the next day again with "more" Experience ! Motivated we started to film in the theater stage the interrogation, where Sean is the i say "kidnapper" and I am the hmm victim :) Charlotte was our "camerafairy". well, it started actually good but after some shots me and Sean had some arguments about the following shots because I had more the Idea of a fast changing camera shots clip and he more like one shot for 20 sec of the clip. But we agreed after a long I call it fight and the result was not bad. But at the next somethink unexpecting happened. MR EARL DELETED OUR FOOTAGES !!! (I hope you read this Mr. Earl) :) . So went the third or forth I dont know its so usual now... but unmotivated this time we started everythink again and filmed today a short part of the clip. But today I get some great Ideas how i can use some awesome after effects effects for the scene. For example we want to use some security camera shots :  
from a high angle . It should look awesome. We have a number of effects we use. But you will see it.

We have also planed to use some Diegestic Sounds from the internet. The Website is a really nice and helpfull Site. For free we get the best sounds we need with top quality... example for this are raining sounds :       So we have a range of top Sound FX which are going to make our Film a little bit better.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Friday, 30 September 2011

First short Clip of the movie

Its only a part of it and without the final music we want to use (I add this song to the clip because it looks cooler with music :D  )  ok I try to explain you the movie ... short. In the movie Im a robot which "mission" it is to kill a special person. And its like a hunt game. The whole film my character tries to catch the person in different places  (forest, amusement park, restaurant, city , .... )
I hope you enjoy it ! And this is not a trailer or so.

Music:  Linkin Park  -  Given up

New movie is coming out soon !

A Youtube group called Schizophrenic beats and I have made recently (2 Months ago) a movie called "Kill Bill(y)" and it will be released at the 10. 10.2011. Its going to be a deciding video where the Audience can decide what happens at next :) ... A link to this Group is under this text. They are famous for there Music and beats.