Thursday, 10 November 2011


As you can read in the Titel the name of my project film will be " Deception ". Later I will describe how I came on this Name... and it has nothing to do with the Film "Inception" !
Charlotte, Sean and me have decided that we make the next project individual and so we can show our own skills we learned until now. Well, after Mr. Earl gave us the continuity task I started at home with the storyboard, script and mise-en-scene. The continuity task says that we need to include:
- 180° RULE
After he showed us some clips how to do all of these shots and told us how we can use them I started with ... scripting ! My Film is going to be a mix of the Action genre and comedy. Comaction or so. However, I took Rush hour
as a role model for my film and I would say its like 20 % comeddy and 80% action, Thriller.
For me the most most important thing is the detail and effect of the pictures the audience see... I dont want to show them some random stuff I filmed I want to entertain and confuse them at the same time. It's going to be hard but i thing I#m prepared with the stuff mr. Earl and miss Patterson teach us.

Now i will tell you some parts of my film. The Intro should start with an earth level shot so that the cam is on the height of gras. Should look like this -->
If its sunny I will add some awesome optical flares (lens flares)
So after few seconds a HUGEE Shoe will apear ( my shoe ) and the camera spins up to my body and then the movie begins.

Because I walk a lot with the camera I thought and searched a g e s how to avoid this **** shaking with the camera and I finally found this :  Its a website which tell you the holy 6 secrets about " reducing camera shakes"  !!!!
Its really good and if I could I would buy a kit ( like Katie) but the time is against me and so I must do it with the tips from the website. Anyway, My Film will be about Rogger who made a deal with Mr. Y and now he wants his money and the both made a meeting point where Mr. Y gives Rogger his money ... I try to make this confusing effect where I dont tell the audience whats going on and who is Rogger actually and why does he get money ? But at the end everything gets clear and the audience will be (hopefully) suprised :)

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