Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Film nearly finnished ....

DECEPTION is nearly finnished ! I took in the weekend 2 days to edit the footages. On Friday I cut the footage and made the intro for the movie with bonjou ( another editing programm). However, it was maaaad because I tried to make the framing p e r f e c t. Unfortunatly cutting is not my thing and I needed the whole day for just the cutting and at the end It was nearly 10 pm. But I wanted to finnish the intro as well so I worked til 2 am. But it benefited. After 4 hours work on the Intro I had 5 sec of intro ...

After I finnished working day 1 I started at the next day with theee special effects, Color correction, Sound and some other things. I noticed that I filmed on the wrong side I should film so I broke the continuity. I was totally frustrated and cried some hours but then I found a way to SOLVE THE PROOOBLEM !!!! I just flipped the footage and automaticly the 180 degree rule was right again. Furthermore I had some problems with the quality because on a strange way the qualy was in some clips better then in other ones. But here I really did not know how to solve the probleme, so I just leave it so as it was. Maybe because I unfortunatly forget to change the resolution of the cam or so. Anyway I searched about 40 min in my " epic-beautiful-music library for the RIGHT music I need for the clip. Like I described in the last postings I got some nice soundtracks, themes and intro music from my friend.

So after 40 min I found the perfect music which actually really fits to the Film and of course I took it. Well, next step... Speial effects. I have got a plug-in for after effects called "action essentials" where are about 200 special effects like explosions, bolts, Muzzle flashes and such action things.

Well, I just now need to add the voices of Rogger and Mr. Y to finnish the Film. Reece took some time and we recoreded his voice so I can add it to the Film. He has made a good job either as a actor and a voice-giver or so. Thanks really much to Charlotte for her time and help with filming and support. And of course to Katie as a camerawoman and for borrowing me the stedi cam and to Barry for his presence :)

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