Friday, 11 November 2011

Problems while filming ! ( Film day 2 )

First a BIG THANKS to Barry, Katie and Reece that they helped me out today with filming for my second part.
Yesterday I filmed the stuff outside and today I filmed it inside the house. I hope that I did not make a mistake in the Action match because I filmed 2 days ... So for the filming day today I actually needed a knife or something in this way but it was not allowed so we took a metal pole which replaced the knife and we started to film. I had some "visions" of some shots but some of them were unfortunately reallly reallly hard to make --->
Accidentally I pressed the rec button and as you can see we had few probs with camera shots :D

But after a fight with a table and some chairs we got it.

A really big problem for me was the grammer in my sentences I made as well because it is just strange if you say something in your movie and the text is gramaticly incorrect. But Reece improved them for me and then was the TIME a biig factor which made my life harder because 1 hour went faster as you thing and so I could not make my REAL visions come true . But the result was amazing for just 40 min !!!  I thing I'm until tomorrow finnish with the whole movie because editing is my favourite part in film making and my friend in germany bought some film soundtracks and sent me some of them for my  movie ( a link to the product --> )

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