Thursday, 24 November 2011

Directors comment, Storyboard, evaluation and fun :)

hello media community !
After I finnished my film "deception" I took a longer break to get new Ideas and shots for my next hopefully good film. But I prepared just for you a directors comment with comments from the director ! (me) 
I made the recording with a program o my computer... no idea how it works but I made it to film the clip WITH my voice !!! Nevertheless I hope you enjoy it and understand hopefully my Visions and Ideas.

ok, as you can see in the picture of the storyboard I planned everything tricky where I thought " ouu I must do some plannings for it to realise this special shots." And this special shots were the ground level shot of my foot ( on the side you can read how long each shot should be. Then the door open shot where the key-point was to look at the Action match , the low shot of the Dealer who is going to try to kill me ( verrrrry bad drawing I know  ^.^ ). And at last but not least the horrible tracking shot, where I at first planned to make the titel in 3-D like in this picture but I thought it is just tooo much for a short film like this. i'll save all my hard core special effects for .... THE FINAL PROJECT !

Lets have a talk about the EVALUATION:
As I planned everything I actually did not think to much about all that stuff but more on shots, edit, action match and the task. Just a little bit on representation.

So, first I would like to talk about the group/audience which would get my media product. Obviously the most popular genre on the market is currently the action, horror, comedy and drama genre. So with my product I try to get of couse as many people as possible and so I decided to make an action film with some comedy elements in it and some horr(ible) handheld shots. I concentrated me almost on the entertainment part and confusment because I like this as well so other people should like this also. I do not want that people just see the same all the the time I wanted to make the film not unrealistic but I wanted to "cheat" the realism e.g. the part where my phone explodes in my pocket. A normal man would die on ball destruction but in the film Rogger just felt on the ground and immidiatly stands up again. This is cheating of realism and I think the audience would except this realism mistake because it's pupose is it to be funny. So to sumarise it my film is more for the older age-group which gets the jokes and there are some violent parts which are not for children eyes :)

The way in which I attract my audience would be to make enough advertisment and like find people who make the same genre style like me and I would offer them to stick together and make advertisment for each other so that we get in total more viewers of our product then if we would do this by our own. If I would make a really really big film with a budget of for example 2000 pounds I would do more than just stick together with other film-makers. I would make advertisment on youtube and other sites where people would go. I would distribute papers from my movie in cities or certain areas where I know that people are interested in my movie. Furthermore I would tell my friends to tell other people to share my film. There are many opportunities to make advertisment for a media product but HOW you advertis is I thing the key-thing.


  1. Some interesting comments here, Amir, although I hope that when you start planning your final production you will focus a little more on the outcomes required by the evaluation. It's worth explaining why you chose to use specific shots/ edits and also any particular issues you had (and how you will solve them next time). Where is the video?