Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Deception -- Full Movie

The time has come ... Decpetion is out and its time for my describtion :)

This Project taught me a lot .... Experinece,  Knowledge,  technique   and   of  course new skills. 
As I started the project " continuity " I was hyper-motivated because soo  many Ideas were in my head. ( see : Amir's super mega fun Blog: Film nearly finnished ....: )  Well, I expected a lot particulary about editing and camera work. But to my surprise the mise-on-scene and Sound went better then I thought. The whole Film was a challenge because of the time-organisation and actor arrangement and the equipment list I needed for the Film and all that stuff. But fortunatly everything went good for me maybe because I worked this time alone. I mean If you are the writer, editor, actor and producer then you have 1000 % control about anyone and everything in your Film. The last Film experience with " the prisoner " was AWESOME as well but this time it was another ... hmm another genre I say. It was like everything is in your hands. The responsebility ... everything. It's not like you do that I do that she does that ... NO NO it is like you do everything and this was the main challenge but with I had time to organise everything and I made some researche about my Film looked on some tutorials in the web  ( for example) and so I was ready for all that.

This was just my first Impression about my Film. I will later do the Evaluation and I will do a Directors Commentary.


  1. 0:00-0:06 - The studio ident is obviously very effective although you would not put the film title in here for an actual product. You might also include a distributor ident as well as a studio one.

    0:07 - This is a really effective opening shot; the depth of field is excellent as is the composition. A shame you had the rugby goal in the background, as this rather signposts that you are in a school.

    0:14 - The "spin" and character identification are both effective, with some clever framing. The use of sound and the editing are tight.

    0:22 - This shot would be been better had the camera been still; it's a little too shakey.

    0:23-0:47 - Some interesting attempts to use mobile camera, but I think it's a little too shakey to be effective. This is where a stedicam would come in handy; maybe if you want to do something like this for your final piece you could borrow it?

    0:43 - The voiceover is a little echoey. If the idea is that it is coming from the phone, you might want to try treating it a litte more in order to create the compressed effect of a phone speaker. You might also want to think a little more carefully about the room in which you do the post-synch, since you've got a slightly tinny quality. I still think you could have done with a c/u of the phone to break up the sequence

    0:45 - A good close-up here; well framed, although a shame you did not get the depth of field (I don't think the cameras focus well-enough to be able to do this)

    0:49 - The music cuts out rather abruptly here; you might want to think about a slightly more smooth transition?

    0:56 - The gunshot works very well and is well shot (!) although again the music kicks in a little abruptly

    0:58-1:25 - Editing could be a little tighter here, although I do like the travelling camera. Again, a stedicam would hopefully make this a little smoother? He seems to be walking very well for someone who's just been shot in the leg...! Still not keen on the use of the hand to block the camera (breaks the fourth wall).


  2. 1:26-1:37 - This is a rather effective pan, although you might want to practise to try and make it a little more smooth in the future?

    1:44 - The edit here is a little off; the character is moving in the previous shot but has stopped at the start of the one just before he opens the door. You need to look at the timing here a little more. You are, however, following the 180 degree rule

    1:50 - A good action match when you open the door

    1:57 - I like what you were trying to do here, but it could be a little smoother (either cuttting through black or using some sort of transition to smooth it out?). There is some attempt to use shot/ reverse shot, but a little more of this would have been better considering the nature of the task (you do, however, prove you can use it, which is fair enough)

    2:06 - You have a couple of jump cuts here on Reece which are a little jarring; next time, you might want to storyboard your ideas in a little more detail?

    2:11 - Again, something of a jump cut here (you are shot from the same sort of angle); ideally, you would have something in between these two shots to act as a bridge. Your dialogue synch is pretty good.

    2:15 - I like the way you've framed the "Under the table" shot

    2:30 - The editing of the "ariel" attack is pretty good and there is some very decent composition here. Again, you maintain the 180 degree rule well.

    2:34 - Great use of sound!

    2:44 - Some good framing here

    2:46 - The music cuts out a bit abruptly

    2:48 - You have a bit of buzz on the soundtrack, unfortunately. A shame you didn't type the note, or have it on a laptop/ tablet/ phone...

    3:00 - Great effects work at the end, although I think you would have been better to cut in just before the explosion; the wait dampens the impact

    This is clealy an excellent piece of work - better than some final pieces I've seen. In terms of standards, it is top level (so A-grade); most of the suggestions I've made are cosmetic (there was only one weak edit, just before the door opening). The main thing is, when you do your research for the final piece, to seek out as much realism as you can, since you are clearly able to do things with After-Effects that I cant do.

  3. Thanks for your feedback. I will try to improve my camera skills and the realism.

  4. The crucial thing is making sure you clearly storyboard what you are doing. Make sure you use a tripod whenever you can and shoot with editing in mind. The only real weakness in the piece was in aspects of the editing which a little more planning or shooting a few more takes/ covering shots would have solved.

  5. One other thing... you are not posting in anything like the detail you need to in order to produce a successful blog. Take a look at Flossi's or Katie's "Prisoner" evaluation, or at the amount that Reece and Barry have done so far... You must get into the habit of posting on a regular basis (OCR reccomend one post per day!)

  6. to your first post: In the next project I look definitely more on camera work and audience view-point and not my own view point when understand what I mean. Anyway I try to get a better relationship with the tripod and the music which is actually one of the most important points in a film. Thank you

    To your second post: I'm not really good in writing 3 pages of information. I normaly write the most usefull imformation on my blog with links, pics, clips and everything .. but when the OCR the longer version more like then I'm not afraid to come up to their desire :)