Monday, 5 December 2011

Possible Intro and SACstudio logo which is'nt called Sacstudio ?!?!

Well, Charlotte, Sean and me have decided to change the name from our group from SACstudios to "Hadouken Studios" :'(    R.I.P.  SACstudios... But I'm quiet happy with our new name, it is uhm strong !

I made an intro as well. It's just an reallllly bad attempt which I tried and I hope you like it but I really just done it in like 5 to ten minutes so do'nt be to hard if you rate it  :D  Of course I put the ORIGINAL Voice of Ryu from street fighter into the intro. So enough talk watch it and tell me what you thing !

Friday, 2 December 2011

Decision of Film genre !!!

The time has come.... THE FINAL PROJECT !  

Sean, Charlotte and me are gonna work togehther again to make our final project. I thought a lot if I should do it by my own again or with them because with them I do not have the freedom of choice I actually need but I decided to work with them because I'm sure we are a good team and we can do it really well in addition we have prepred some nice things soon which are going to be awesome.

We thought about making either a horror or Gangster-Action movie because we thing these would be the best genres for us as we have lots of experience in this specific genres and we have some nice Ideas how we could create the right atmosphere and mood for the audience. I even thought about buying scar wax which is used in high quality movies for wounds or zombie faces... in our case I could use it in both. For the Zombie movie if I want to make a scary face and in the gangster movie for pistole wounds or generel wounds and scarfs. A link to the product: -->

However, I started thinking about the intro very carefully because thats the most important part and I thought about an Intro WHILE the film is going on without a black screen with names on. I want to make it on Zombie-land style -->
So a 3-D text which appears and which has got the same movement as the camera in the film and does not just stand there really unprofessionel. To show you what I mean I made extra this effect fast with after effects camera tracker which tracks the pixels in a specific clip and then you can put everything in it and it will use this tracked movement ... sounds confusing I know but I hope you get more from the vid !

Well, as you can see I made it realllly fast and our clip has got such a bad quality that it was nearly impossible to track the pixels. But I made it but it changed the result intense. That would be ONE of my Ideas for the intro.

We want to look at the represenatations and stereotypes a lot as well because we learned that really good in Ms. Patternson's lessons and we are sure we can fill some points of representaion. I mean we have a bunch of actors which are ready for their deployment. We just hope that we find no problems with the time and with the crew and all that... so much can went wrong and it is just incredible hard to publish the film that you are thinking about because your film never will look like that you have got in your head.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Analysis of "Kiss kiss bang bang"

In the following I'm going to analyse the intro of "kiss kiss bang bang" a Film which get produced in 2005 by Joel Silver. This whole Intro tells us a interesting story while it's showing the credits and this story goes on and on without any kind of cuts just this overflows of pictures.

The Intro starts complete black until the warner bros icon appears and suddenly lights of a house turn on and in a pan movement of the camera we can see that its a bad area, like a prison or ghetto or something. This represents  crime and voilents. The Non-diegetic music fits to the footage perfect as we fast change from the bad area to a large fence which signifiers captivity. A man is obiously trying to escape from the bad area to the other side. That the man is shown black in the intro represents that he must be bad or agressive because that is the representation of black.

After he escaped woman eyes appear which confuses me and I've got no Idea what this means but the man flees into a house looks like this buildings in hollywood. After that red flowers obscure the view of the man and the actual name of the film appears via a pistole shot which connotes danger, so its fit to his genre which is crime because of the bullets.

It reminds me really hard on the spiderman 2 intro because of the overflows and of james Bond becuase of the style they used to make the intro and the kind of genre is nearly the same. Whats included in good and high quality crimes ? Weapons, Violent, Woman, young people and lots of fight scenes.( I will link later my further analysis to these points). The intro shows us all of these where we see after the name of the film a young attractive woman with a pistole in her hand. After some fast shots we change our view from the woman with the weapon to a pistole in a close up which shots flowers and then the camera follows the flowers in a tilt. Quite confusing but I thing they used this because they started with flowers ( 0:16 ) and they want to finnish it with the flowers again which we can see after all the flowers grew up we can have a look on a mansion where a party is going on. After that establishing shot we can see the inside of the house and the party and we can see all that rich people in their suits and the color of the background is bright where as the color of the part where the woman is hustled from the balcony to black which connotes again danger. The music changes as well as the color changes from these standard and normal speed music to a silent and mysterious ambient music.

After that she falls again a use of a pan. As she lands the audience have time to see some credits and suddenly she disappears and  a bridge is in our point of view. We are for a short time in the city and after a bus drives across the screen pages and pages of letter are view which should I thing just show that this film has some secrets which the audience cant understand. Later  ( 1:25 ) we see a red screen with blood, 2 bullet holes and a kiss mark. At this point I want to remind you at that what I said at the beginning that the film probably contains Weapons, Violent, Woman, young people and lots of fight scenes. early all of this points were shown at this single frame which gives the watcher the ultimate feeling of a crime. At now all the remaining footage is in a red background which signifiers dead and danger and in a black foreground. We see some books... again secrets like the letters. And at the very end just a black background with the name of the director.

I think the creators used this kind of "just two color effects" to show the audience fast what they going to watch but without to confuse them, so they just shown them 2-D pictures and not really pictures. I thing its a good idea and its really effective too because it prepares the watcher of the following "really Film" and makes him excited to find out more after all that what we saw. I personally would like to watch that Film because the intro is really auspicious and I'm now really excited too because I want to see what happens next.