Friday, 3 February 2012

Changing of Time !

OUR PLAN IS NOT WORKING THAT WELL AS WE THOUGHT ..... so we need to change our shooting times and we need to cut the film because obviously our actual organised film is way too long! Maybe because we just wanted to make it really good and as much realistic as a film :/  However, we just cut the actual end fight where we originally wanted make the credits but now we are out of time and its just better if we make the credits in the begining. I had a plan B as well if we fail the whole work, so I made over the weekend a nice horrorshortfilm with opening credits and ending credits. But now that we reshoot the scence again we dont need to use my film.

Furthermore, we dont need to run after all our actors for the end scene because they are not a part anymore of our film so less pressure !

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