Saturday, 11 February 2012


here is the mid and nearly end part of the film. But we edited really rough so even the sounds we actually dont want to use are included and not that many special effects no music no color grading there are some gaps which are not filed which we need to reshoot as well but In my opinion its really good. I hope Charlotte will like it too because she said how approximately she wants to have it and I tried my best. I accidently used the wrong render codec so its not 1080p HD but 720i HDTV ... Its actually the same from the size and image. Charlotte and me are going to edit the next days as hell so we have the film completly finnished til friday. That video you are now going to watch is NOT edited, NO music or sound. Some parts are missing. You cant hear what we are saying at the end because we are going to edit it. We did not change the color and no titles and credits because this is the middle part of the film so dont wonder. Its really JUST the cut. By the way... while redering out 5 seconds of the footage got lost.

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  1. I'm treating this as if it is edited (i.e. if you vanished tomorrow and this was what you submitted)

    Don't forget that you will need idents (SAC Studios etc) and credits. You may also want to clean up the audio (you have got a lot of hiss and humm on the soundtrack).

    The first scene is a little odd; the editing is slightly clunky. Is the end (with Charlotte getting knocked down) a joke? Not sure about the fade at 0:30; I would suggest a cut.

    Is the 2s black at 0:30 one of the points where footage has vanished?

    The first sequence where the zombie is eating could do with being edited a little more quickly.

    I would suggest treating the footage to make it a little more filmic (i.e. using the cineon converter, for example)

    You're probably going to have to rerecord and synch the dialogue because of the amount of wind rumble on the soundtrack (for example, at about 1:00)

    The footage is VERY shaky - is this deliberate?

    1:30 - is this meant to be a comedy?

    There is a range of shots used, but as mentioned, I'm concerned about the shakiness of the camerawork (unless this is deliberate...?). The shot at 1:38, for example, where Charlotte attacks Reece, is somewhat poorly framed.

    The continuity (at about 1:40, where you cut between shots of Amir) is slightly off (look at the angle of the head).

    1:54 - Again, the camerawork is ropey here (look at the framing)

    2:16 - Yes, it is a comedy. Is there a reason for switching from hand-held to tripod-mounted?

    Could you not have found a better room to shoot the news report in... How many news reports have you seen with great big plugs in front of the screen!

    There is actually a really good opening here, but the very poor camera-work is getting in the way (getting aside from the editing). There is also the issue of a lack of credits and titles, which are essential.

    At the moment, this is probably top end of L2; as it is at the moment, with credits and titles, it would be mid L3. To get into L4, the editing needs to be tightened a lot, the sound needs to be cleaned up and the camera-work needs to be better. The editing and sound are manageable but I'm not sure how you would improve the camera-work. A re-shoot is recommended.