Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Summary of work and everything at the moment ...

We finnsished filming the end of the film and the middle part of the opening so we just need the most important part now which is the opening with the titles and logo ! We have our Intro thats good so we have more time for other stuff like editing.... well, editing. I am gonna teach Charlotte in the next days some usefull editing technics which she can use in future as I know now that she wants to make some editing stuff as well. I did not know that otherwise I would let her do all the editing stuff ...but now nearly at the end I still will teach her. I have 3 different programes which I work with.
Adobe premier pro CS5
for editing and adding music, FX and transitions.

Adobe After effects CS4

for color correction, SFX and graphic design

Cubase SX3

For adding own made scores, beats and music.

So summary of our postion: 3 days left to post our rough edited shortfilm which we still need to do but and we hope that the snow dont disturb us because that would be realllly catastrophic... I think the only problem we had and still have is the conversation which is just not really present in case of our sureness that we will finnish everything in time and we dont need to worry and just go with the flow but obviously that "techniqe" did not work and we need to change it as soon as possible to get it done and finnsih it finally !

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