Friday, 10 February 2012


Its time... today we probably ( 90%) shoot the last thing we need which is the beginning of our film so the most important part. Originally we decided to make this usual credit thing like that --->

But now we decided that we want to make something more risky namely something I just learned new and should look really good because I want to use special color grading style which when mixed together with the opening will look awesome ! here is kind of that what we want to achieve !!!!     

Just instead of the flowers credits and no black and white and the street is like empty so we are the only one and with just a bit luck everything will work today. The credits we are going to use are arranged like that :    A SACstudio production presents
                                  A Steven Charlsberg film
                                  After the Idea of Dreamirworks
                                  Charlotte Patterson
                                  Amir Yarahi
                                  Film Titel: Legacy

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