Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Color Correction is a great thing !

We just started now really and everything is prepared... Actors, time, script, Locations. The only problemes are the environmental things like weather and wind. Hopefully we are finnished on Friday with the shooting part and I start then starting editing it. It's going to be incredible hard because we dumbs decided to make it REALLY good and like a whole film and we forgot how hard it sometimes can be to make such long-winded projects but I think its for both of us a really good challenge. I allready started thinking about the color correction and music we are going to use and I'm quit happy with that one which I made with another special program called magic bullet Mojo looks. Here to comparison:

                                 ORIGINAL FRAME --->


As you can see the corrected one has more color in it and it looks more professionel and it is easier to deliver to the audience than the original one. For the Music we thought about a mix of classic horror film ambient music and for the main fight that song ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cD8EPdn5Ctg  its just epic and fits perfect with the slow-mo we want to use and I'm quite sure it is gonna be EPIC !

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