Saturday, 14 January 2012

Important things !

Me and Charlotte started with filming because there is not just one location we need to film. There are looots ... and we need to have a looots of actors as well so we started early to avoid delays! What we need before we shot is in our opinion:
- Script
- Budget
- Location
- Script breakdown
- Casting
- Shot List
- Storyboard
- Line the Script
- Time the Script
- Shooting Schedule
- Gear
- Permission for specific Locations

We did the mistake that we did not plan everything in detail so the first day shot was not as good as we thought it would be ... I made a short film with bad cuts and special effects to just show how it would look til now. But we re-shot it again because it obviously looks horrible :D

So now we know that we dont have that much time and we must hurry up for the shoots because it gets dark realllly fast and we discussed like 70% of the day. So next time we have an organised plan with detailed shots and everything else important. Charlotte made a brief storyboard to visualise our ideas.


  1. The idea looks good, but the camerawork is a little ropey - shakey and out of focus. Also the audio mix has the music too loud. Don't forget the studio idents and credits.

  2. Thats not the finnished version. I just made that to show how the intro should look like. We make new shots and everything of course.