Wednesday, 4 January 2012

I was unfortunatly not able to write anything into my blog because I went to germany and I had no Internet there. But I will post the next days like hell !

Characters we probably have: Charlotte and me as main characters.  males: 5-7
                                                                                                            females: 6-8

things we need for the Film:  -Fake blood
-Scar Wax for wounds (
  - costumes ( min. 10)
  - certain locations
  - permission for possible places we need to film
  - TIME !

Possible Script: (Zombie-comedy)- Samantha and Drake are sistors and survivals of their past. 10 Years ago unfortunately thiefs have killed their parents brutally in their house without any mercy they killed them infront of the eyes from Samantha and Drake who were 7 and 9 at that time. Since that moment they can't get that what happened at that day out of there head. They knew nobody and they were scared to tell anyone what happend so they kept it for themself. But to there luck their parents saved a lot of money in the house-safe which they used to live with. To earn some extra money drake learned to sell burned DVD's on the street. They live with normal conditions ... til today.... !
Samantha and Drake are walking in a park. First shot of the ground where ketchup is on. (should look like blood). Drake droped his ketchup accidently. Actually he wanna hit his hot dog. Conversations between sam and drake. After a while the camera shows the whole park in an establishing shot but there is no one there. Nearly the whole city is in the huge baseball arena in the city where the preseident is anouncing important things. Just Drake and Sam do not care because society is and never have been something for them so they did not go there.
At the same time as everyone is there a massive flying Airplane/baloon is crashing in the arena an releases a gas which is used for experiments. It contains animal cells which are hyper-reactive with human cells. The ballon transportet that gas to carry it to the profs but than the accident happened. So everybody who was in the arena got infected with the hyper-reactive animal cells... The adventure of Samatha and Drake starts !
Next day shot in the apartment of them how they are chilling on the coach while drake is watching TV Sam is cooking something . Later she joins Drake and suddenly a TV impotant news come up where a TV speaker is telling whats going on, on the streets and shows some pictures of that what happend the day before. both shot of sam and drake in front of them which is fast get closer to them and imidiatly a long shot of the street in point of view shot, where they can see the "Zombies". Sam: He was right.. but what now? Drake: Get weapons and finnish them  Sam: But we don't know if we are allowed to kill them or not [TV speaker disrupt: It's allowed to kill them even with weapons]but... we even don't know what they have... [ disease] ... but, how should we protect us [it's recommended to hide in various places or protecting organisations... by the way, the most efficient way is it to attack them with vitamins because they are not resist against it and dont let them bite you of course  ] And what if .. [ shut up now ]  Sam and Drake:  ....

Thats it at first. I did not finnish it because I need to do It with Charlotte.Furthermore its just a rough Idea. If Charlotte agrees we might use this Idea but we change it in many ways later.

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