Sunday, 25 March 2012

Shaun of the dead analysis ! 

In the opening scene of ‘Shaun Of The Dead’ there are hidden bits of horror, but its mainly comedy.
The target audience for ‘Shaun Of The Dead’ are person above 16 because as we all know the film it's kind of violente and the characters sewar a lot as well, it also contains some scene’s that should only be shown to a mature audience +18.
In the first few minutes of the film you can see how good the comedy is standing out; an example of this is where Shaun walks down the corridor half asleep like a zombie. This should trick the audience who is watching it because they're gonna think that he is a zombie although he is not obviously.
Comedy in the opening scene comes across as more important than horror ike 60:40 in my opinion. I think the reason for this is so it catches its audience’s attention more. The part for example where Lise and Shaun are discussing this kind of scenes make the film watchable because the audience is entertained by stuff like that and they want to find out if there relationship is going to get better or its stays so!
The two main Characters of this film are: Shaun and Ed, both characters are successful for the comedy side of the film and are ok for the horror in there own special way.
Shaun is the hero of the film as he gets himself and Lise through the problems and they stay alive through the film, although he is the unlikely hero because he has a few flaws, he is not a typical good looking main Character, intelligent hero, he is gutless and a pushover. Ede can also be classed as an unexpected hero as he sacrifices his life to save Shaun and Lise. Both characters are the wanna be's that become hero’s by saving the day, all be it in the end. ‘Shaun Of The Dead’ doesn’t have a bad gu, the only enemies in ‘Shaun Of The Dead’ are the zombies.
The directors of ‘Shaun Of The Dead’ used camera techniques to draw in the audience, for example in the very first shot, Shaun is in a day dream and Lise is trying to talk to him and he is ignoring her, this is comical as she becomes stressed out with him.
Another example is a both shot, you can see Shaun and Lise talking and in the background Ede is playing on the slot machine, this establishes the scene and shows one of the main sets used in the film.
It also shows Lise going on about her relationship with Shaun whilst Ede is swearing at the machine; this is very funny as it seems to Lise that he is swearing about what she is saying.
Sound is pretty important in this film as they add tension and mystery, ‘Shaun Of The Dead’ has two people talking and then they pause, this adds tension and mystery because you want to know what happens next and how they react to the comments 

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