Friday, 30 March 2012

Evaluation question NR. 1 !

How does your Media product :
a.) use, devellop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products ?
b.) represent particular social groups ?

So for the following comparison between our films forms and conventions and a real media products  I`m using the well known film "Shaun of the dead" because this film is a british film and furthermore its actually the best example for a zom-com.

We USED the same atmosphere kind of feeling for the audience as in Shaun of the dead. In SOD (shortcut) there are two main Characters which fight there way thorugh the film with sometimes kind of stupid behaviors as you can see loads of times in our film. I think there should be a ratio like difference between comedy and actual horror. I watched the film Shaun of the dead again and its like approximately 30:70 horror to comedy which we used as well round about ! What both SOD have and our film is that before the funny parts start there is a scary part first where the audience thinks that something scary is going to happen right now but then something funny happens like in our film the part in the toilet where we at the beginning can hear mysterios sounds out of one of this toilets and we have no Idea which one it is so we discover all the single doors to find the "maybe Zombie" but then we realise that its just a person who has diarreah. (hopefully funny joke).

What else we looked up is that our Characters are as simple as possible like not a long and hard understanding story behind them apart from that their parents died because that typicall in zom coms like here agaimn Shaun of the dead. Shaun , Ed and all the Characters all usual people without anything special, therefore its easier for the audience to get in  there position THEREFORE the film gets more realistic and better for the audience.

What we did which no other zom coms have done is that we broke some of the most important representations and stereotypes like for example that blonde persons are dumb and stupid but in our film the blonde person is the leader of the group or that asian coming people are violente, agrresive and angry which we broke again because my character is the scared one who cant defend himself and needs help of the blonde girl. Other stuff like the taller, bigger zombie is weaker then the small girl Zombie is a representation  break again , because usually the stronger persons are above the small person while in ours not. We also but in various points of the film irony in to make it all worse.

We tried to develop the cliff hanger kind of ending because there is like no film maybe one or two which have this featured. In our opinion a cliff hnager in this kind of style like in ours makes the audience wants to watch more and the point were suddenly an eye appears is like in the film `inception` where the film makers decided to confuse the audience in a way that leave a cliff hanger.

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