Monday, 5 March 2012

(re-) shooting day 3

FANTASTIC !!! Just fantastic ... everything went fantastic in the last few days for Charlotte and me related to the filming and the fact that we had no problem with the ugly weather or the actors :) We both are now really happy because we were the only ones who were not finnished ... we even did not started so actualy its fair to say that we used the last days possible to make the film. Well done to charlotte who planned every single day we are filming and thought about the poster and of course to the people who helped us : Greg, Carley, Anthony, Flossi ! Thanks a lot

Here is a footage we did today like in the last minutes of filming because we had not much time of the fact that me and charlotte have both courseworks and we cant concentrate the whole day on media although that would be quite good. Ok that footage is like on of the first establishing kind shoots which we did to get some shots done so we dont need to concentrate later too  much on that shot because we still dont have it or on that one because now we have a sortiment of awesomenes !
  Unfortunatly not in HD because you just can post once a week HD videos on Vimeo ...

However, I need to say that I found some tiny tiny tiny continuity mistakes which are not that bad (if you are blind) no seriously, they are just some stuff like the sun is brighter on that shot then on that one but its not that obvious so we dont need to reshoot it I thing. The other thing is that we went to the shop today ... AGAIN and we asked for the permission of the manager to film in the shop but with our epic luck the manager did go like 5 minutes after we came so we asked one employer if we possible could get the number so we can call the manager which they gave us and Charlotte and me are going to call the manager tomorrow so we can finally do the 15 second scene !

The last thing I want to talk about is the issue we have with the voices and music because from my experience of previous films the editing of music and voices is damn the hardest part of the film. The voice line must be exactly the same, no echo, the music must fit to the situation, just by the way ... our film is probabyl going to be longer than 8 minutes so I needed for deception 3 days just for the audio stuff (voices, Music) and it was 3 min long so times 3 days by 3 to get 9 days of editing audio and we just have 4 left ... so I necessariely need charlottes help with that huge problem !

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