Saturday, 3 March 2012

(re-) shooting Day 2

With that introducing sentence I want to start this post. So we finnished 50% of the film yesterday I edited my ass of and the result looks quite good. Charlotte worked really hard on the script and time and organisation to make the film as good as possible.

Actually we planned to film at 2pm but unfortunatly its started to rain !?! Great, I just thought for a moment that our Film is totally riuned and there is no chance to be finnished til friday so I did the last possible thing a media student could do in a situation like that ! I preyed to the media god and he heared us. It stopped raining at 3pm and the sun dryed the ground so we had perfect conditions to film. Excited I messaged Charlotte to meet at 3:30 at the planned location which we did but charlotte came a bit late so I used the time to go to a shop were we once went because we tried to ask them wheather we can use the shop for a scene but they said no ... but as a motivated filmmaker I tried it again and they said we could come on monday again and ask the manager :D I was really happy about this because I knew this time it would be better then the last time.

At least Charlotte came and she told us she was waiting on the other side of the street but we just did not see her and she did not see us ... anyway we started to film the really beginning and the zombie scene ! In my opinion we have some epic awesome super special mega footage which is really good to color correct. We have now like 90% of the film we just need now some tiny little things and we are finnished.


  1. Great photo. Looking forward to seeing the footage.

    1. thank you ! The thing is just It might take some days til I can release the footage because it takes really loads of time to edit the stuff

  2. Keep me posted. We may need to discuss an extension.