Sunday, 4 March 2012

(re-) editing Day 1

Well, I was wrong as I said I need a few days til I can release the first real film footage .... because I've got it and I thing I've done quite a good job. So as we said in previous posts, we are going to make a film where the opening titles are like mixed up with the area so a bit like this french horrorfilm Mr. Earl showed us the opening of. I tried to get the best Match with the enviroment so no shaky text or bad masking.

Obiously, there is no music yet and the voices needs to be re-done seperately because it sounds bad in the footage. So what have I done to make the opening so as it is now:

  • First of I made a cut for the parts I needed
  • Then I took the footage tracked it in a seperate program called "Boujou" so I get the effect that the text IS actually in the enviroment without shakyness.
  • make the text
  • change fonts ( I went to the website to get my fonts for free)
  • Change color so it has this cinematic zombie survival look ( a bit)
  • Render ! thats it :)
So before you watch the clip press the HD button in the right corner to get the best quality ! Its important so you can see the details which you cant see with non-HD 


  1. It looks pretty good. Some thoughts. Where you have "AS Media Studies", I would make this "Sac Studios presents". The next one should be "A Charlsberg Production". The next one should be "Based on an idea by Dreamirworks" (I like that one!).

    You might want to make some of the fonts a little more legible (for example, the one you've used for Charlotte's and Anita's names). You might want to crop the footage at the left, because you're getting some of the edge of the window of the car in shot. When you do the sound, you might want to add some "zombie ambiance" (for example, sound effects when Greg is doing his thing, some muted screams/ car crashes/ explosions in the background etc.)

    Crucially, make sure that you have all of the appropriate credits you want to use (I would just have actors, writer, producer and director as well as title). You also need a second section which allows you to showcase a range of shots and angles... Your final piece may end up being about 3 mins long, but this is okay.

  2. Sorry I forogt to write about our Ideas which are that we have sacstudios in the shot before that one and our title after that one. I'm gonna change the text how you said and the thing with the car ... Is it that bad if its there because I dont want to cut parts.

  3. Should be okay - talk me through it tomorrow.